On Afryk: we use the word Internaut to describe an individual participating in our Virtual Internship Program.

With Afryk•Pro you intern from anywhere and everything is managed through our platform. For assignments, submission, communication and e-meetings all you need is an internet connection.

In a world where work is perceived as an embodiment of values, discipline and livelihood, it is important to have a successful transition from university to labor market. The right work ethics are fundamental to a successful career, especially in difficult economic environments like the once we see on this continent.

In order for the thriving African Work Force to the develop the right work ethics from an early age, we need to create a culture of constant evolution and progress in the professional landscape. Success at work can not only be measured in work rate, there are other important factors and parameters to take in consideration. At the end of the day, the amount of time or physical/mental effort put into a task, is not as important as the inventiveness and the constant striving for better outcomes.

The question is how can we create the right work ethics in a world where time has always been seen as circular.

Culturally, the general mentality has been: "what i did not done today, can be done tomorrow".

In contrast to a global society where time is seen as linear and today is meant to make tomorrow better.

The number of remote jobs are increasing every year mainly because of their flexibility and low costs facilitated by IT and the internet, this leads also to growth in the virtual internships.

Research shows that 33% of employers in USA organise virtual internships and 71% of students would consider a VIs. Unfortunately, VIs are almost unknown in Africa and there are very few examples of usage of technologies to develop the right work culture and strengthen work ethics.