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A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Design.

Our First Products

Cowry Cups

Just like humanity itself, coffee originated in Ethiopia, from there it spread all over the globe. We went back to its source, we questioned the environmental impact of our cafeíne consumption, and we created coffee cups made of used coffee grounds.


Djambé is the first digital African music instrument for music fans and music makers. It includes an innovative sensor to capture and reproduce sound from the playing surface.


Cowry Coffee

The innovation behind Cowry Coffee is the business model, with every bag of Cowry Coffee that you buy you compensate for your CO2 emissions by helping us turn coffee grounds into ecological designer objects made in Africa..

Africa at the centre of our design!

Learn our approach to product design and how we use Applied Africology in Combination with Agile Methodologies and Design Thinking to create unique products.