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Afryk’s center for Innovation, Deep Tech, and Cross-disciplinary Design. We take innovative business ideas and concepts to the next level by developing sustainable business models, based on detailed feasibility studies. Our research on African science, mathematics and history has lead to numerous discoveries and breakthrough products and services.

From The Africologist to Applied Africology

Afryk’s Edutainement film on Science, Africa and Africology, this feature length documentary uses science fiction to provide a view into Africa's Science facts, the future of Africa and our place in the world.

Cowry•Coffee Products

Our research has led to a bio-resin based material and a simple manufacturing process that allows us to turn coffee grounds into ecological designer objects made in Africa. With our Cowry Product line you can compensate for your CO2 emissions, every time you buy one of our coffee cups or bluetooth speakers.

Digital Music Instrument and Smart Speaker

Djambé is the first digital African music instrument for music fans and music makers. It includes an innovative sensor to capture and reproduce sound from the playing surface.

This is Afryk, a startup at the intersection of africology, technology and design. We have a cross-disciplinary approach to product and service development leading to real impact on real people and solving real problems.

For that, we developed the Africologist methodology, an african brainstorming, thinking and iteration process based on African Science, Cultures and Knowledge.


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Design, Research & Development


  • Africology
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  • Djambé
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Digital Services

Afryk’s Software as a Service:

  • AppAfrica
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  • Picha by Afryk

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We are looking for partners and collaborators who want to benefit from our unique startup.