Since the early 2000s we have worked on numerous digital media projects, covering music, movies, print/digital publishing, branding, advertisement, websites, apps and game development…

Be it single individuals with a dream, professional artists with a concept, small businesses with a vision or non-profits and governments with a mission; our clients all have one thing in common: the love they share for Africa and it’s People.

About Afryk

At Afryk, we bring your ideas to life and help you reach the right audience. We help top African organisations tell their stories through content development, visual design, and transmedia production.

It all started over 15 years ago with Valerio Lopes and Medeo Productions which evolved into Afryk, App•Africa and Arquivo, an innovative set of products and services for Africa.

The Company


We’re here for you! To bring your awesome ideas to life and present them to the world with the help of digital media.

Our Story

Once upon a time we became extremely good providers of design, media and development services.

Our Team

We are creative professionals and industry experts with decades of experience.


The Process

How we operate?

For every project we prepare a thorough plan to make it stand out and guarantee success.

Our Approach

We use the latest technologies, tools and work processes combined with our own methodologies proven effective over time.

The Results

The outcome are future proven and quantifiable deliverables that go beyond our clients' expectations.

The Services

Websites & Apps

3D, Video & Media

Content & Marketing




"Simply innovative!"

Afryk’s services add an African layer to the world wide web, without compromising on design and usability. I always learn something new with Val."

- Ade Fayehun

"Semper aliquid novi Africam adferre."

"Africa always brings [us] something new. - Aristotle"

- Prof. Andre Wambui Citing Aristotle after a presentation on Afryk