Content Marketing

Bring customers closer to your brand.

Every brand has a story to tell, and we learned that our advertisers are experts in their field. That is why we created a way for you to share that knowledge with Africans and friends of Africa worldwide. We spend a tremendous amount of time developing a seamless experience for both our advertisers and our audience, a captivating brand storytelling platform that turns our end-users into your customers. We will make sure that the content you put in our hands drives conversations among our audience and on trending social channels.


Here's How It Works

Together with your marketing team we will craft original, custom content

We help the right audience discover your content on Afryk and on social platforms.

You can track your content performance using our analytics tools.

We put ourselves in the skin of the brands and advertisers to better understand and identify with their needs. Each case is as unique as the brand behind it.

Afryk is open to dialogue with all industry actors. We talk, negotiate and find solutions that satisfy all parties involved.

Expertise, openness and the quality of our portfolio are testimonies allows us to provide high quality and custom tailored creative solutions.

The Idea

Create and distribute relevant and consistent content around your brand in order to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

The Strategy

We craft branded social articles and videos around your products that are designed for sharing. We help you get them out in the wild and measure their impact.

The Outcome

Customers are delighted by your products and services, they become Brand Evangelists. This leads to customer action and increased return on investment.