Let's go beyond advertisement.

Songai is the ideal online medium for brands, businesses and organisations looking to captivate and effectively target audiences in Africa and the African Diaspora worldwide.

We offer advertisers different options designed to accommodate their needs. 

We are targeting the African Diaspora and African Immigrants in Europe and the Americas. Studies say that taken as an ethnical group african immigrants are the most highly educated ethnicity in the US and several European countries. We have a tech-savvy, entrepreneurial and well educated young audience, curious about their African roots. Their willingness to contribute to the development  of their country is of big interest for African and Pan-African brands and businesses. The second biggest segment of our readership are nationals and natives of the different countries on the african continent.

Advertisers are able to monitor the performance of their campaigns directly from their personal dashboard and on a real-time basis. 

Advertise on Songai's Platform

Advertise with a highly innovative African Internet Platform, information & resources for the Connected Generation of Africans, pan-Africans and all Fiends of Africa today.

Advertise on Songai Watch

Songai Watch is devoted to various topics with an emphasis on pan-African issues and inspiring success stories from African and beyond while being careful in its coverage of African Affairs.

Content Marketing, the African Way

Branded Content blurs the conventional distinctions between what constitutes advertising and what constitutes editorial content. Our Content Marketing offering is designed to align your brand with relevant themes reflecting your corporate culture and values. The resulting content resonates strongly with your target audience.

Sponsoring & Partnerships

Being in the start up phase of Songai, we are looking for long term partners and sponsors willing to engage, with us, on an exciting journey of discovery, conquest and disruption of the African media landscape. Together we can develop creative solutions for african problems, both sustainable and true to our cultures and values.

“People in the African diaspora do not have access to information, so they see ads as information.”

The need for information increases awareness in advertisement.