SONGAI•CLOUD is a cloud-based application hosting and distribution platforms, with a suite of "Software As A Service" products targeting Africa and its diaspora. We thrive to become the go-to platform for the digital African.

Strategy Statement

Through a cloud-based platform with tailored products and services we provide a scalable web, media and content management system to the African market. Songai's content management offerings work seamlessly across multiple domains and business workflows.

The Problem In Numbers

There Are 7,6 Billion People In The World

Of Which 1.26 Billion In Africa


That's 16.6% Of The World Population


But They Create Less Then 1% Of All Internet Content


Shouldn't the % of content be equivalent to the population %?


Despite the fact that one out of five people on this planet is African, African content and content created by Africans represents a single digit percentage of the total global internet volume. This number can and will only increase if internet becomes more accessible in the region. There is a real need for a new digital strategy targeting the fast growing African internet landscape.

Web design and web hosting solutions are not adapted to the African markets, pages take long to load due to the fact that they are not optimised for low bandwidth internet. Accessible design tools are very important in the media and website business, but no companies target the needs of African consumers.

The services we provide are tailored to the market, and thus above and beyond what our competition can offer.


Company Overview

Songai is a new digital first company for the twenty-first century African, a brand and platform where news and entertainment, social media and information, innovation and inspiration come together. Songai uses the latest technologies for content creation and delivery.

Songai is a multi-faceted platform with the potential to branch into new venues as the company grows.

The products can be divided into two categories:

1. A web-designing and hosting platform with feature rich website templates and designs especially designed for the African markets. This includes templates for bloggers, artists, small and medium sized businesses (hotels, hair salons, restaurants…), news outlets, TV channels, etc… To further enhance this service, Songai connects the owners of web-sites on the platform with professional website creators, designers, content creators trained on our tools and available for hire.

2.A content platform connecting content creators with consumers, where users can create and share their stories in unique and innovative ways, this platform includes access to relevant information like location based directory listings, ads, a consumer products marketplace etc… This is also where Songai creates its own media content, including our TV Show “The Africologist” which serves as our main marketing strategy.

We have our very own tools to create, share and consume news, media and information of interest and relevance to Pan-Africans all around the world. Our intranet, custom collaboration and analytics tools, as well as the diverse cultural and professional backgrounds of our partners and co-workers constitute a unique corporate culture creating a sustainable and profitable company always ready to innovate and pivot wherever the future will lead us.
We thrive to give our customers the utmost attention and satisfaction without compromising on quality and by increasing sales in the process. 
Last but not least, we will maintain a friendly creative work environment and ethical code based on African values, that respects diversity, plurality, ideas and hard work.


Innovative technology is at the centre of our products and services, from content creation to delivery, our workflow is entirely digital and accessible on desktop and mobile platforms. We are a mobile first company, creating content that can be accessed from mobile devices and the small screen is our main target.

Through our mobile applications and responsive websites, we created a clean, user-friendly and upscale environment where customers feel comfortable working on their websites, creating content or consuming it.

In this market, content needs to be adapted to every screen-size and follow the audience as they migrate from one device to the next. We believe that technology is there to enable the previously impossible tasks of targeting and reaching content creators and consumers.
Our services are interactive, we provide realtime consumer and market analytics, and all this is done by breaking the price-point of creating remarkable content.

Afryk licenses web design and content creation tools in a Software As A Service (SAAS) model. Our design, publishing and hosting platform enables other publishers and media companies to benefit from a modern set of services at lower cost.

Market Overview

With African pop-cultures, design and branding at the core of our products, our target market is broadly defined as the Pan-African consumer at all levels.
African consumers on the continent or in the diaspora, share a common past and history, and therefor a common destiny in the sense that the issues they face, their cultures, philosophy and customs are similar, regardless of where they live in the world.
We target the growing middle-class on the African continent as well as the global African diaspora. 
We are targeting both males and females between the ages of 18-45 who are interested in Africa, African lifestyle and African pop-culture.
Market segments are defined by how those people are related to Africa, reaching from African immigrants, african-americans, afro-europeans and afro-brazilians to the (mainly metropolitan) middle-class in any city in Africa. Our go-to-market strategy, marketing and execution may vary by segment.
An estimated 1,3 billion people can be called African or of African origin with roughly 200.million people of African origin living mainly in Europe, North and South America.
During the first year we will be focusing on the local consumer and custumer base in Rwanda, using the growing middle class, the high number of entrepreneurs and the dynamic of the city to strengthen our services and content offerings by using the local pool as a test pool.

Market Needs

Despite the fact that one out of five people on this planet are African, African content and content created by Africans represent less than one percent of the total global internet volume. This number can and will only increase as internet becomes more accessible in the region. There is a real need for a new digital media strategy targeting the fast growing African middle class. The services we provide will be above and beyond what our competition can offer.

Their is a strong need for afro-centric media as globalised news and information corporates and governments  exercise unprecedented control over the images and messages we are exposed to. This is the trend Songai vows to fight, we envision a world of equal cultural opportunities