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Whether you want to create a simple page for your startup, a blog, a portfolio or all of the above, Songai is the perfect place to start. Our easy to use templates and design tools make it easy to create an online presence.

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AppSite Examples

Tell your LifeStory and spread your LifeStyle with this amazing WebSite that becomes a WebApp on the end user's mobile device.


Engage your fans by allowing them to save your WebSite as a WebApp on their phone. Included features are lyrics with chords and audio player.


Your WebSite becomes a WebApp on your clienteles mobile device, a booking in your establishment is just a few clicks away.

Your Photography Portfolio becomes a WebApp, the digital version of a Photo Album where your images are properly framed.

Activity is health, tell your fitness story with this unique WebApp designed with sports in mind.

WebApps & WebSites with special features and services for the numerous Cyber Cafés and Telecentres across Africa.

Web Apps for TV Channels, Radio Channels and other Broadcasting Companies.


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